We are Fabbrica: strategic media and audience specialists

We’re passionate about helping brands grow through data-led, insights-driven, performance marketing media campaigns. Top-notch media strategy, planning & buying, and research is the result.

Our story

Fabbrica is a media agency created to be better. We were created to provide you with a truly affordable, cost efficient service. We wanted to provide in-depth consultancy and strategy, real transparency, and the best possible customer service. This way we can ensure your business objectives are met.

We’re here to help you grow.

Since our inception we have worked remotely which means you won’t be paying for an expensive office and other associated overheads. It also means we’ll recruit the best talent and work collaboratively with the best consultants wherever they are. 

Insights and reporting matter.

All our media campaigns are based upon in-depth data and insights meaning they have the solid foundation to run and meet your objectives. Many media agencies give end-of-campaign reports containing only the most basic insights. Our reporting is in-depth and aligned to your business and marketing strategies with actionable key takeaways.media

We're here to help you grow.

Richard Rizzo Hills

Founder + Media Strategist

Advertising | Media Planning & Buying | Audience Research

Carla Caswell

Content Strategist

Content Strategy | Audience Research

Some of our clients from the past year

We’re proud to have worked with these brands and to have played a part in their growth.